Reef Pure - CO2 Dual Media Reactor

Reef Pure - CO2 Dual Media Reactor

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Dual Carbon & CO2 Media Reactor

The Reef Pure RO Systems dual media reactor is simple to use, setup and maintain. Can be used as a dual chamber CO2 reactor or as a first stage carbon filter into CO2 scrubber in the second chamber.  

Increase the pH of your reef aquarium dramatically by attaching a CO2 scrubber to your aquarium. By removing excess CO2 from the air intake of your protein skimmer you can greatly boost pH levels, leading to increased calcification and growth for your corals.

CO2 is typically the largest and most common limiting factor for pH in aquariums with excess CO2 building up to much higher levels indoors than typically found in natural marine environments. With a CO2 reactor, it is not unusual to see increases in pH ranging from 7.8 to 8.3 after a few days of consistent operation.